19 Pets That Are Actually Supermodels In Disguise

One of my favorite things to do is curl up with a glass of wine and watch “America’s Next Top Model.”

I love to watch the contestants strut their stuff and smize their way to the top. Another one of my great loves: taking pictures of my animals, who are also basically top models. It’s amazing how many animals out there are actually supermodels in disguise, and we’ve brought you some of our absolute favorites.

1. These two are giving the camera some serious face for their group photoshoot.

2. That setting! Those eyes!

3. Work those fabulous sequins, girl.

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4. Look at this queen of the bedtime selfie. I can’t handle her glam.

5. This ferret demonstrates the classic beauty shot from above.

6. “The cold never bothered me, anyway.”

7. Sometimes the right filter can give your photo the perfect vintage feel.

8. Don’t mind this doggo posing perfectly in the woods on a beautiful fall day.

9. Yaaaaaas, look at that expression. If Tyra taught me anything, it’s that it’s all about the eyes.

10. She’s captured the super-moody selfie to perfection.

11. Wow, this duo really has the modeling thing down. Get them a contract!

12. Sometimes you have to stop smizing. This grin would be perfect for a catalogue shoot!

13. He perfectly captures the longing of the human (and canine) experience.

14. “Oh, I’M the prettiest dog in the whole world? Stop it, you are.”

15. She’s proving that all dogs can be supermodels, no matter what.

16. This contemplative pose is perfect for the cat trying to get into the modeling game.

17. You’re glowing! Work that light!

18. These buns are perfect supermodels without even trying.

19. I just want to kiss his little face. Adorable!

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Tyra would be totally proud of these pets. Let’s put them on all the magazine covers — who’s with me? SHARE if this made you smile, and show us your supermodel animals in the comments!


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