35-Pound Cat Winds Up In Shelter, Then Volunteers Search For A Workout Buddy For Him

Humane animal shelters are great places to find a new friend and create an everlasting bond.

When the Humane Rescue Alliance welcomed a cat named Symba into their arms, they never expected such a huge surprise.

Symba’s owner was moving away, which made it impossible to keep his beloved cat. Symba’s owner decided to leave the sweet kitty in the Humane Rescue Alliance’s care.

When the shelter volunteers first laid eyes on Symba, they couldn’t believe how big he was. Upon weighing him, they realized he was a whopping 35 pounds!

The bright orange cat was warmly welcomed into the shelter. The volunteers decided he would need a very special kind of friend to adopt him.

They want to help him shed some pounds and know that a workout buddy will be able to do just that.

Keep scrolling to find out more about Symba the adorable 35-pound cat, and the shelter’s search for his perfect companion!

This is Symba the 35 pound shelter cat.

This is Symba. Although he is one adorable feline, he actually has quite the backstory.

Humane Rescue Alliance sign.

According to the Humane Rescue Alliance, Symba had been living with his owner until that person moved into an assisted living facility. Unfortunately, that meant Symba couldn’t move into his owner’s new home. So Symba was brought to the animal shelter.

His owner claimed the pet weighed around 40 pounds. Volunteers assumed it was an exaggeration, but when they finally weighed him, they learned the truth.


The Humane Rescue Alliance realized Symba weighed a whopping 35 pounds. According to the shelter, that’s bigger than a lion cub!

Symba with a volunteer.

“He’s very sweet and loves to be petted,” the shelter told the Dodo.

“Other than being overweight, Symba is healthy.”

A shelter volunteer and Symba.

Now, the Humane Rescue Alliance is looking to find the perfect companion for their new 35-pound feline pal: a workout buddy!

A shelter volunteer holding Symba.

The Humane Rescue Alliance explained to the Dodo, “Symba needs a home where his adopter will be diligent with an exercise and diet program that will help get this big guy to a healthy weight.”

They hope to find this beautiful cat a new home and a healthy owner who will help him along his journey.


So good luck to Symba and the shelter in their search efforts!

To learn more about Symba and other animals, check out the Humane Rescue Alliance’s website and Facebook page.

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