5 Tiny Cheetah Cubs Born At Prague Zoo Play Together And Practice Hissing

A group of 5 cheetah cubs born at the Prague Zoo have made their worldwide debut. I think it’s safe to say that big cat lovers everywhere are already in love with them.

In a video shared by Inside Edition on June 15, 2017, the three male and two female cubs born on May 15, 2017 play around together in their habitat. They also do a lot of cuddling. It’s just as cute as you’d imagine — especially because the 1-month-old cubs are each no more than 4 pounds.

At this age, they really look like tiny stuffed animals. It is especially heartwarming to see their sweet little faces contort as they attempt to hiss and growl — but they can’t quite make those big cat sounds yet!

The cubs were born to 6-year-old Savannah, a cheetah from the United Kingdom. Their father Ben is from Denmark.

The zookeepers have said that the cute cubs are “progressing quite nicely.”

“Four cubs are pretty robust and one is smaller, but we believe that in the coming days or weeks, it will catch up,” Pavel Brandl, Prague Zoo’s curator of mammals, told Inside Edition.

The cheetah cubs will stay in seclusion with their mom until they begin receiving visitors in August. So in the meantime, you will need to check out the video below to get a glimpse of their cuteness for yourself.

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