Author Sends First Signed Copy Of His Book To Stranger Who Supported Him 14 Years Earlier

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In a post on Twitter, James explains: “It took me 14 to write this letter. Today I finally mailed it.”

Without further ado, the letter read:

Dear Chris, 

You’re probably confused right now. You received a book you didn’t order on a topic you don’t care about by an author you don’t recognize. Let me explain. 

Many years ago, I gave a speech at my high school graduation. You weren’t there to see me — you were there for your daughter, who was in my class — but you politely listened to me talk anyway instead of getting up to go to the bathroom or faking a heart attack. 

Later, you asked me for a signed copy of the speech. When I asked why, you said you thought I’d be something someday. 

You might not remember making that request. In fact, I’m sure you don’t. And if I asked you where that signed copy of my speech is today, you’d give me the same answer I give when my kids ask what happened to their old artwork that used to be on the fridge. 

But what matters is that for a brief moment a long time ago, you believed in me. You were the first person to ever ask for my autograph. I silently vowed then and there that when I wrote a book, I would give you the first copy. 

It took a while. A very long while. Actually, let’s not dwell on how long it took. This is supposed to be an uplifting letter, not a depressing one. But fourteen years and two failed careers later, I finally found a publisher who believed in me as much as you did. 

This is that signed book. I’d love to tell you I became a success like you predicted, but the truth is this modest book might be as far as I ever make it. But at least I got far enough to fulfill a silent promise you don’t even know about, and to me, that means everything in the world. 

Thanks for believing in me before anyone else did. Sorry it didn’t earn you a better book. 

As you can see, an act of kindness can go a very long way… at least 14 years long, anyway. It’s incredibly touching to see how much it meant to James, and how he was able to deliver on his promise.

James tells LittleThings that Chris has since rediscovered the version of James’ signed high school graduation speech.

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