Girl Eats Nothing But Junk Food, But After 16 Years, Doctors Don’t Expect Her To Look Like This

Since childhood, Faye Campbell has eaten nothing but fast food. As a child, her parents would attempt to put plates of food in front of her, but she refused to eat.

At around age five, Faye discovered the taste of potatoes. From then on, she was absolutely hooked on sugary and starchy foods.

gastroesophageal reflux which causes chronic heartburn and indigestion. Every type of food left her in agony.

Faye’s reflux issues were eventually cured through vitamins and other types of treatment, but the food phobia lingered.

The 5ft8 twenty-something from the UK has yet to eat a green vegetable or fruit. She can only stomach certain junk foods like chips, cheeseburgers and pizza. In fact, she says healthy foods make her physically sick.

But despite Faye’s consistently unhealthy diet, her appearance (and overall health) continues to baffle medical professionals. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

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