Her Kid Had To Endure A Horrible History Lesson. Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Teachers have to find all kinds of creative ways to reach out to students and help them learn.

For middle school teachers, who have to teach children during one of their most awkward phases of life, it’s especially difficult to get students engaged. (I should know, I used to teach them!) And teachers always need to keep in mind that students come from different backgrounds and take the time to really think through the consequences of each lesson.

One middle school teacher in Virginia took engaging her students to an awful and completely insensitive place, and now, a parent is speaking out.

Tamika Derozen says her son was part of a group of African-American students who were told they had to be slaves in a history lesson skit. Learn more details in the video below.

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(via The Huffington Post)

It’s awful for any student to feel humiliated or uncomfortable in their own classroom. Share this story if you think kids should always be able to learn in a safe, nurturing environment.

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