Homeless Man Gives Up Everything For Two Strangers Who Pay Him Back In The Best Way

We should all incorporate a little more kindness into our daily lives.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to make someone’s day better, and it doesn’t cost anything to give out a smile or a word of encouragement to someone in need. I’m always in awe of the people who go above and beyond with their efforts to help others, and one homeless man did just that when he saw a couple shivering in the cold.

Charlotte Eillis and Taylor Waldon missed their last train and had to stand out in the freezing cold for four hours.

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A homeless man named Joey came up to them and insisted on giving them a duvet and a coat. “Take this, it’s cold today, and you’ve long to wait,” Joey told the couple.

When they were finally able to catch a ride, Charlotte insisted that Joey come with them to shower and eat. They became good friends, and Charlotte posted about the experience to Facebook.

Charlotte wrote in response to the people who think she’s crazy, “People are quick to jump to assumptions. All he needed was a little faith put in him. You shouldn’t think other people are bad only because they are out on the streets. They’re just like you and me.”

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Charlotte and Taylor have even helped Joey find a job and he’s well on his way to being able to support himself financially. SHARE this story of kindness to turn around anyone’s day!

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