Husky Makes A Huge Mess In House, Then ‘Talks Back’ To His Mom When She Scolds Him

Sometimes, dogs are just like children. If you leave them alone for too long, they’re bound to make some sort of mess! When Blu’s mom and dad came home on January 17, 2017, they were not happy with the mess their Husky had made.

Blu’s mom, Mariya, asked her pup what on earth happened to his bed as the stuffing had been all over the hardwood floors.

Well, Blu replied in the only way he knew how with a series of hilarious but strange howls that many Husky owners will recognize.

“Blu? You don’t know what happened?” his mom says, “Did you do this or your sister?”

As if to “talk back” to his mom, Blu continued to howl over her scolding trying to seem as innocent as possible.

About his howling, Blu’s owners say: “Blu is a sweet boy that only acts up when no one is present. In this video, he was told to go to bed and be a good boy while mom and dad went on a date. Apparently, Blu wasn’t ready for bed … so he ate it. When the parents came home, he did his best to explain what happened — in typical husky fashion, just with a little extra ‘tantrum’ on the side!”

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