Kitten Watches Fish In Aquarium Tank, Then He Springs Up And Tries His Hardest To Catch Them

Cats loving fish is a common trope in movies and TV shows. Particularly in cartoons like Tom & Jerry, you’ll often see little kitties going bonkers for fish.

Obviously, house cats are domesticated and live in homes with human families. They aren’t wild cats, encountering fish the natural way in rivers and streams. So you can imagine their surprise (and confusion) when they’re unable to reach tasty fish trapped behind a thick sheet of clear glass.

In a video from China, a tiny kitten comes face to face with a few fish who are bigger than he is. The fish innocently swim in their aquarium.

At first, the small cat is just lying down, minding his own business and giving himself a few scratches.

Suddenly, he realizes the fish are right there in front of him! As the fish look at him, expressionless and not alarmed, the cat springs forward. He claws at the glass and even does a silly little dance jumping around and trying to get at the fish.

If you’ve ever seen a cat in front of a glass door, you know how funny it is when they don’t realize why they can’t just step through to the other side.

What would your cat do if you took him or her to the aquarium?

Check out this cat in his “fish frenzy.”

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