Mama Wombat Gets Hit By A Car, Then Woman Finds 4-Month-Old Baby Alive Inside Her Pouch

With the internet so easily accessible on our phones, it isn’t hard for just about anything and anyone to become internet famous.

We might sometimes feel like certain people don’t deserve that fame, though we can agree that all animals deserve to become internet celebrities. That is why George the wombat is so perfect!

George’s story starts out pretty tragically. When he was just 4 months old, his mother was struck by a car and killed.

A passerby got out of her car to check on George’s mom, and that is when little George was discovered, still alive inside of her pouch. It is important to know that wombat babies can survive in their mother’s pouch for days after the parent’s death, so it was very smart that this kind woman looked inside!

After the accident, George was taken to his new home, Sydney’s Australian Reptile Park! He loves it there, and he especially loves his caretaker, Tim Faulkner, whom he follows around as much as possible.

Though the little cutie needed extensive care after losing his mother so young, he has stolen hearts around the world and become quite the internet sensation!

If you think wombats are just too cute for words, you’ll also love this video of an orphaned kangaroo taking care of his wombat baby brother!

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