Man Accidentally Kidnaps And Holds His Neighbor’s Black Cat Hostage For 5 Days Thinking It’s His

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On Tuesday, Clarke posted these two pictures on Twitter. Those two cats may look alike, but they’re actually not the same cat at all.

Five days before, Clarke’s friend had to take his pet cat to the vet. Afterwards, the cat had to be quarantined for a few days to recover from his procedure.

But five days into the quarantine, something strange happened.

Another cat appeared in Clarke’s friend’s house. Pretty quickly, Clarke’s friend realized that the cat that had just walked in was his actual cat — and the cat that had been hanging out in his room for nearly a week wasn’t his cat at all.

A few days earlier, his neighbor had dropped by and said her cat, also a black cat, had gone missing. She asked if he had seen her cat, but Clarke’s friend said he hadn’t, he’d only seen his own.

black cat

As it turns out, Clarke’s friend had accidentally been holding his neighbor’s cat hostage the whole time!

Clarke’s friend had even accidentally taken his neighbor’s cat to the vet instead of his own.

Clarke's tweets about the cat mix-up

In an added twist, the neighbor’s cat is a boy, while Clarke’s friend’s cat is a girl, Somehow, the vet didn’t even notice.

When Clarke’s friend told his vet that his cat seemed to be acting strangely after the procedure, the vet prescribed some anti-anxiety medication for the kitty. So, Clarke had both accidentally kidnapped and accidentally medicated someone else’s cat.

Neighbor's text about the cat mix-up

Luckily, when Clarke explained the mishap to his neighbor, she wasn’t too upset.

And her kitten didn’t seem to have any negative side effects from his strange few days.

Another pet mistaken identity story

Apparently, this happens pretty often! People online tried to make Clarke’s friend feel better by sharing their own similar stories.

black cat

Thankfully, both cats are back in their rightful homes now and doing just fine!

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