Man Reaches Out To Touch Giraffe, Then Laughs Nervously When She Tries To Head-Butt Him

Seeing a large animal up close is always an incredible experience. For one man, his encounter with a sassy giraffe may have been just a bit too close for comfort.

In a video shared in June 2017, a young man in Khon Kaen, Thailand, draws close to one of these majestic, long-necked creatures. Because he’s on a platform next to the grazing giraffe, they’re practically face to face.

Everything is fine and the two are coexisting peacefully until the man makes the mistake of getting a bit too comfortable with the giraffe. He reaches out to touch her neck.

Before he can make much contact, the giraffe decides she’s not interested in being touched. She suddenly jerks her head to the side towards her visitor’s head, almost as if she’s trying to head-butt him away from her!

The person filming dips the camera a bit during that intense moment, but it doesn’t seem like the giraffe hurt the man or even made contact with him.

He lets out a little shout of surprise — as do a few witnesses, whom you can hear in the background of the video — but he quickly recovers. Soon, everyone is laughing it off, including the man.

Be sure to check out the video below to see the man’s hilarious reaction to almost being butted by a giraffe.

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