Fishermen Spot Huge Humpback Whale, Then It Leaps Into Air Inches From Their Boat

Family Of 3-Year-Old With Leukemia Raises Money By Selling Lemonade, Earn $700 In 2 Weeks

Archery Coach Goes To School Thinking He’s Picking Up Trophies, Then A Student Hands Him $400

Insurance Denies Retired Nun’s Request For A Roof, Then Workers Help Her Out Free Of Charge

Sanctuary Worker Shows Kangaroo Corn, Then He Uses His Paws To Start Chowing Down

Man Surprised By Masked Stranger With A Bike, Then He’s Told She’s There To Give Him The Bicycle

Family Attends Auction For Daughter Who Was Killed, Then They’re Presented With A $92,500 Check

Dozens Show Up To Pay Their Respects At Veteran Burial, But Every Single Person Is A Stranger

Man Runs Off With $600 Waterslide From Family’s Yard, Then A Neighbor Arrives With A Replacement

Cop Shows Off Her Dance Moves, Then Police Department Challenges Her To A Dance-Off

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