Musician Brings His Tuba With Him While Skydiving, Then Plays ‘Dating Game’ Theme Song Mid-Air

Dozens Of Hula Hoopers Do Wild Dance, Then Man With Flowers Walks Up And Proposes To Girlfriend

Trailer Park Residents Can’t Make Rent, Then City Surprises Everyone And Buys The Land For Them

Heinz Reveals You Should Never Hit The Bottom Of A Glass Ketchup Bottle — Tap The ’57’ Instead

Elephant Refuses To Stop Holding Up Traffic, Then They Realize He Is Sneaking Potatoes

Mom And Dad Ditch Their House, Then They Buy Children A Zoo For $815,000

Woman Sees Puppy’s Cut Tail And Grows Suspicious Of Owner, So She Pulls Out $50 To Take Dog Away

Mom Protests As Golden Retriever Belly Flops Into Mud Pit, Then His Brother Jumps In After Him

Teen Spots Crate Next To Dumpster, Peeks Inside And Finds 5 Terrified, Abandoned Puppies

2 Fishermen Spot Bald Eagle Flailing In Water, Piece Together Life Raft To Bring Him Aboard

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