Man Bravely Grabs Beached Great White Shark’s Tail To Drag Him Back Into The Ocean

Scientists Say People Who Have A Lot Of Sex Are More Likely To Have An Excellent Memory

Snake Catcher Discovers Huge 7-Foot Python In The Middle Of Mall’s Food Court

Man Notices Blind Boy Wants To Watch Game So His Friend Recites Play-By-Play Action Into His Ear

Bullies Dump Huge Trash Can Over Teen Using Bathroom So Parents Push For School Security Cameras

These Kids Had Nowhere To Turn When Irma Hit. One Couple Did Something Amazing

A Spacecraft Was Just Sent Crashing Into Saturn…And Scientists Did It On Purpose

Husband Builds Climbing Wall For Wife With Handhold ‘Rocks’ That Were Sitting In A Box For Years

Florida Woman Spots Mama Duck In Her Yard Who Refuses To Leave Her 13 Eggs During Hurricane Irma

Elephant Spots Baby From Another Herd Chased Into Gutter By Lions And Decides To Help Her Out

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