Tiny Hedgehog Tries His Best To Avoid His Bath Until Owner Steps In With A Toothbrush

There’s something about getting a bath that brings out the funniest reactions in animals — whether that’s a good thing or not.

Just see this bird, for example, who is basking in the watery goodness. And how about this little pup, who falls right asleep as the water pours over its stomach. I’ve never seen anything like it before!

Likewise, on February 8, 2017, it was time for this pet hedgehog to get a good scrubbing in the sink — but it definitely didn’t look like this little guy wanted one!

The hedgehog was placed in an empty sink, which it instantly tried to get out of. But as the water started pouring out of the faucet, the little feet went slipping and sliding, and there was no way climbing out was a possibility!

But the hedgehog kept trying anyway, at least until the owner picked it up and started to scrub-a-dub-dub with a toothbrush. Yes, you read that correctly — a toothbrush. 

However, it was in that moment that the hedgehog seemed to be enjoying bath time much more. After all, how could you not with a belly scrub like the one you’ll see below!

Finally, the little guy was placed in a pool of water, where he swam and splashed around until the sink was completely drained. What started as a traumatizing experience for this hedgehog sure ended well, from the looks of it!

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