Zoo Camera Captures Baby Flamingo Struggling To Break Free From Her Shell

There’s nothing more exciting than welcoming new life into the world, whether it’s an adorable baby human or animal.

We all watched anxiously while waiting for mama giraffe April to finally greet her little nugget for nearly two months, but the precious flamingo in the video below didn’t take quite as long to make her debut.

The Cincinnati Zoo filmed a timelapse of the cutie struggling to break free from her egg before finally showing off her fluffy white feathers for her first check up back in 2011.

I have to admit, I had no idea flamingos were so tiny when they’re born. They must have a massive growth spurt at some point to grow into the lanky birds we’re used to seeing perched on one leg.

I was also surprised to see both she and the other chick born around the same time weren’t a bright shade of pink right from day one! Apparently, that comes later after they’ve chowed down on plenty of what appears to be a flamingo’s favorite snack: shrimp.

Of course, the sweet chick could have burst out of her shell covered in polkadots and she would still be one of the cutest things on the planet.

Take a look to see the beautiful moment the baby flamingo made her entrance into the world.

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